1994 - 2007
Secure in his masculinity, Ty was not afraid to
dress up as Minnie Mouse for a laugh at Halloween.
Always the comedian
The boy - in action
Memories of Tyler...

...The escape artist
Breaking out of his crate
Scaling a 5ft. wall to get to the other side of the basement
Digging under the fence to get out of the yard
When he got too big to go under, climbing over fence to get out of the yard

...The swimmer
Swimming at Mercer County Park
Taking a dip in the neighbor's fish pond
Swimming in the Rod's pool, while the cover was still on
Taking the first swim in our new pool before it was even finished

...General destruction
Chewing the legs on the dining room table
Chewing the entire coffee table
Chewing the basement stairs
Breaking the windows on at least 3 separate occasions barking at the mailman
Getting maced by the mailman after busting open the front door

...The Good Boy
Patiently waiting until Christmas morning to touch his gifts under the tree
Chasing the mailman who was stealing our stuff
Never leaving us in a room alone
Back to All Paws Home
Ty guarding the front door
Tyler and Argus lounging out